Sermons & Audio

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Old Audio Recordings:

Do Not Trade Your God by Pastory Rybacheck

Never Surrender by Pastor Rybacheck

Pathfinder Skit 2020 - Last Half

Going the Extra Mile by Lyle Davis

Stan Kondrat Sermon

Warrior by Jeff

Message to the Suffering Souls by Pastor Rybachek

​How to Prepare a Resume for God by William Nordgren

Alpha Omega Beginning and the End by Pastor Rybachek

Do You Trust Your GPS by Dave Rasmussen

Blessed Hope by Pastor Rybachek

Immanuel, God's Promise by Dave Rasmussen

GoTell, Stranger Passing By by Pastor Rybachek

 The Other Side of the Mountain by Rex Edwards

Education Sabbath 

Keep Your Eyes Upon Him by Pastor Al Oetman  

Prophecy's Final Destination by Alex Rybachek

​Revelation's Four Horseman by Pastor Rybachek

Andrew's University Visit + Daniel by Pastor Rybachek

You never know by Pastor Rybachek

The Law as a Promise by Jay Brand 

Pathfinder Sabbath 2019